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Our Team Culture

Our organization is for middle school to high school basketball players. Our focus is seen in the Organization's name, "Always Grinding". We are all about putting in the work passionately and positively that creates self improvement for each individual player that creates success in both the game of basketball, in personal character, and in other endeavors in life. In order to achieve greatness individually and later as a team, we must be willing to put in the great work that is necessary to achieve those goals over weeks, months, years, and decades. This lesson among others are what we focus on teaching to each player through the game of Basketball.

We practice in the Fairfax County area and the practice location changes based on the season and context of that season. Please reach out to if you are interested for more information and wish to come out and train with us to see if its a fit. Please don't be intimidated as we have experience coaching all levels and we have seen players go from ducking when the basketball is passed to them, to dribbling through two defenders and finishing strong with a layup and a 3 point play.
The Seasons

Winter season is the traditional basketball season that this area focuses on basketball, however we are a year round team that plays in AAU tournaments, and AAU level private leagues. Coach always says to improve in basketball you need to keep the ball in your hand year round at least a couple days per week. We encourage all of our players to be well rounded in the process and to take on other sports like track, swim, football, lax, and other social positive clubs like the boys scouts that are secondary to basketball. We flex for our players to make it all fit as we are invested in each player's long term growth as a player and a future leader in the community.
Our Coach

Our Head Coach, Coach Alvarez has successfully coached competitive teams that have won seasons, leagues, championships, and tournaments at several levels. In his younger years he competed in Basketball, Track and Field, and Cross Country at the Competitive Collegiate level. As a professional Software Engineer, he began his coaching career 12 years ago endeavoring to spend more time with his sons. As time went along, he realized with the advent of hyper connected social networks, and negative culture that the internet carries in to every families' homes, that more community involvement is needed in the lives of the youth. We must all get involved as Parents, Teachers, Deacons, Coaches, and Life instructors in order to counter teach against the failing culture the world wide web has brought in to our children's lives.

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